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Jackson Wryte and Patricia Wong Fountain of Youth

Patricia Wong is smart and successful, and has just been given the career break she needs to propel her to the top. Nothing can go wrong….until it does. Three years later, Patricia has an opportunity to settle her score with the elusive thief that provided the only black mark on her record. The trap is set, and justice is at hand! Until the net comes down and catches Patricia red-handed. With nowhere to turn, she accepts a risky offer that brands her a thief and a fugitive, and pulls her into an international hunt for priceless art and a lost legend.

Wryte and Wong and the Fountain of Youth Book Cover

An interview with Patricia Wong

Kyra Ryleigh: We're here today with Patricia Wong, an art recovery specialist and recently the person of interest in several high-end heists. Patricia, good morning. Patricia Wong: Good Morning, Kyra. How are you today? Kyra Ryleigh: You recently turned the art world...

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