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What right and wrong situations can Wryte and Wong get in to? Apparently, plenty. This book is a light read with plenty of unwise conditions, but oh so much fun to follow. Could not put the book down at night and woke up thinking about the characters. Speaking of characters, the author concocted this group perfectly. Wryte, Wong, and all the others. Shady as some of them may be, could not help but laugh and sometimes relate. Looking forward to more Wryte and Wong adventures.

Carrie M.

You won't want to put this book down once you start reading. It is fast paced, with never a dull moment. Jonathan Tindall is an amazing communicator with an extremely creative mind. I can see this mystery in a movie out doing Indiana Jones! Really!

Shirley E.

A New Adventure Mystery!

Patricia Wong is smart and successful and has just been given the career break she needs to propel her to the top. Nothing can go wrong….until it does. Three years later, Patricia has an opportunity to settle her score with the elusive thief who provided the only black mark on her record. The trap is set, and justice is at hand! Until the net comes down and catches Patricia red-handed. With nowhere to turn, she accepts a risky offer from the mysterious Jackson Wryte. Now, branded as a thief and a fugitive, Patricia finds herself pulled into an international hunt for priceless jewelry and a lost legend.

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The Fountain of Youth, a Wryte and Wong Mystery

The Fountain of Youth, a Wryte and Wong Mystery

Today's heist might just save the world! Dive into the adventure and read the new adventure mystery novel The Fountain of Youth, a Wryte and Wong Mystery by author Jonathan Tindall. Start reading this right now with the Kindle Edition!

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An interview with Patricia Wong

Kyra Ryleigh: We're here today with Patricia Wong, an art recovery specialist and recently the person of interest in several high-end heists. Patricia, good morning. Patricia Wong: Good Morning, Kyra. How are you today? Kyra Ryleigh: You recently turned the art world...

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Jonathan began making up stories during childhood but has only recently begun his journey of writing them down. His first book, The Fountain of Youth: A Wryte and Wong Mystery, is the first of several books he plans to write. When he isn’t writing, he loves to spend time with his wife and kids; write songs on the piano; and enjoy one of the many fine cups of coffee available in the Pacific Northwest.

My love for reading began when I was a toddler, and I absolutely loved getting books from the library every week. My passion for adventure and mystery stories started with the Hardy Boys, and later into Clive Cussler’s novels which I had to read over and over. I came to a crossroads in my life where everything felt upside down and I had come up short with everything I had tried to accomplish. I always wanted to write, but kept pushing my passions down in pursuit of other endeavors.

Thankfully, I was re-united with my passion for writing during a series of leadership training classes. Part of the class was dedicated to the pursuit of a dream, and I chose to write the rough draft to my first novel. I had a couple of personal caveats to this endeavor: first, I had to complete the first draft (no room for failure); second, I had to write something that was for fun and entertainment. I HAD to have fun during this process, and I had to write a story where people could get lost for a few hours of pure entertainment.

I have had a few people ask me how long it took to write this book. The Fountain of Youth took just over five weeks for the first draft, and was around 80,000 words. The editing process has taken me quite a long time due to work and the birth of my children – I have worked off and on for the last couple of years to finalize my story.

What’s next? I’m glad you are interested! This is the first of several books I plan to write, and I have begun spinning threads to my next Wryte and Wong Mystery with my own take on Pandora’s Box!

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